Friday, December 30, 2011

Where is 2012?

I wanted to review at least one game that pertains to the upcoming New Year (hell, by the time most of you read this it WILL be 2012), but I never thought I'd actually find something.

And then I discovered Where is 2012? on Newgrounds, and, hey. Mission complete. But is it worth playing?


Where is 2012? plays host to a fairly simple plot. Pesky little 2012 has run off somewhere, and Santa Claus - aka you - has to track the year down so things can proceed as normal. Short, cute, to the point. Find that year. I like it.

Beyond that, Where is 2012? is a platformer puzzle game. You must search Santa's homestead for switches and presents and all sorts of stuff. Pretty basic, but good enough overall.


Where is 2012? is a platformer, as mentioned, and so all you need do is wander about using the arrow keys. Up jumps, down interacts with the environment. The controls are nice and tight, and you should have very little trouble guiding Santa around his home - and beyond.


The visuals are the real treat in Where is 2012?. The entire game looks as though it has been painted onto a water colour background, with only a single room shown on each canvas, like so:

The effect is really neat, and though the environments are generally static they're all pretty enough to make exploration enjoyable. I found the journey more entertaining than the conclusion, just 'cause there's lots to look at.


Where is 2012? has only one song, and it's a subdued piece that blends into the background. Appropriate for the game, yes, and perfect for a calm winter scene, but nothing ground-breaking. That said, it also never offends the ears, so why mute?

Challenge Rating

Where is 2012? is not meant to be a difficult game. Even taking one semi-brain-busting puzzle and a few less-than-obvious passages into account, locating the errant year shouldn't take more than fifteen or twenty minutes. I don't believe Where is 2012? was MEANT to be terribly hard, though, and any more difficulty would have diluted the cutesy conclusion.


Where is 2012? is nifty. Not innovative, not crazy fun, just... nifty. It's a nice little way to introduce yourself to 2012, and could easily be changed later for subsequent years. (Don't see why tracking down 2013 will be any different.)


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